Alya Randell-Khan

Legal Counsel

I assist on a range of issues from structuring employee equity grants, reviewing commercial arrangements or discussing the best structure to best suit any international expansion plans. When I’m not assisting our portfolio, I am advising FISV on all their new investments, follow-ons and exits.

"Alya is responsive, collaborative and solutions-focused – working with her is a pleasure." Kristina Ravic
General Counsel, Finbourne

In the spotlight

Which global fintech trend are you most excited about and why?

There are still over 1.7 billion people worldwide who are ‘unbanked’ with limited or no access to financial services. The pandemic has only accelerated the global trend away from cash towards digital payments. I’m passionate about Fintech solutions which help the unbanked population achieve financial inclusion and democratise access to financial services. This solutions are multi-faceted and include disruption to traditional KYC vetting using new technologies, an increase in neo-banking in emerging markets and digital lending as a gateway to reach unbanked individuals.

What is the fintech you wish you had backed and why?

Nearly every tech company now derives some of its revenue from financial services and benefits from Fintech. However, I think the recent listing of Coinbase adds a long awaited level of legitimacy to crypto currencies and is a fascinating area to watch develop - it feels like there is still huge potential in this sector.

Which entrepreneur would you invite to a fantasy dinner party?

It would have to be Whitney Wolfe-Herd, the founder of Bumble. She is the youngest woman to take a US company public and is a great example of someone who has turned her own adversity into a huge success whilst maintaining a strong commitment to diversity and equality. I would love to hear her war stories over dinner!