Emily Havers

Platform Manager

Having worked at Fidelity International for several years prior to joining the FISV team, I am acutely aware of the vast network and expertise that is available within the organisation. Linking our exceptional founders into this ecosystem is exciting to be a part of, particularly when you get to witness the human relationships that go beyond the business decisions grow and flourish to open up new opportunities. 

In the spotlight

Which global fintech trend are you most excited about and why?

I believe that the democratisation of finance and the access to alternative assets for the masses will only continue to grow, especially given the impact social media is having on financial literacy and interest in diversified products. I’m excited to see a new suite of products and platforms emerge that bring financial inclusion to everyone across the globe.

What is the fintech you wish you had backed and why?

Your Juno is a financial literacy app that aims to address the financial literacy gap that exists between men and women. Where I feel they excel is in nailing the gamification of the learning experience, taking the usual dry jargon and shifting it into fun content that can be easily consumed daily.

Which entrepreneur would you invite to a fantasy dinner party?

Aside from being a multi-award-winning actor, it’s often a surprise to me how many people are unaware of Sofia Vergara’s multitude of business ventures and entrepreneurial acumen. She has founded and backed numerous businesses, including one of the US’s most successful talent management and production companies. Not only has she had huge success with these businesses, but many of them look to support social enterprise initiatives. She’s someone I’d love to quiz on so many aspects of her career.