We support founders across their growth journey, combining the global resources of Fidelity with the expertise of our Venture Partners and Platform team.

Asset management is in our DNA. Our financial services and investment expertise makes us uniquely positioned to help fintech founders turn possibility into actuality.

Our model of portfolio support promotes mindful growth: embracing change and nurturing a culture of curiosity. We are excited about what partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs can mean for Fidelity and are committed to putting our expertise to work to help founders build category defining companies.

Company Growth

Leverage our networks, relationships and expertise to make introductions to potential customers, advisors, partners and thought leaders.

Nurturing community

Build trust, create a community and share learnings.

Amplifying reputation

Support with marketing, brand, PR and company profile development.

Sustainable ecosystem

Reach diverse founders and encourage ‘Mindful Growth’.

"Journeys, like artists, are born and not made. A thousand differing circumstances contribute to them, few of them willed " Lawrence Durrell

"We are steadfast in our support of entrepreneurs and engage on topics such as People, Go-to-Market, Legal, ESG, Product and Technology leveraging our network and the broader Fidelity ecosystem to help companies to reach their full potential."

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Startups thrive when they are able to attract, develop, and retain diverse talent: empowering them to deliver on a shared mission.

We understand that hiring quality people is the greatest barrier to growth for fintech companies. We partner with our portfolio companies to source and evaluate executives and to help guide founders on organisation design, coaching, development, and reward.


Even an award winning product does not sell itself. Too often we see fintechs falling into common pitfalls related to sales scalability. That is why we have partnered with market leaders in marketing and sales to support the development of great commercial teams and effective sales architectures that can optimise for scale, unit economics and repeatability.


We believe FISV has a responsibility to proactively engage and build a more sustainable and inclusive fintech ecosystem. Using our platform to encourage and promote our values as we work with Founders is core to our ethos.

We advocate Mindful Growth and believe that ESG is not just the right thing to do, but that it can improve the financial performance of our portfolio. We aim to ease the burden on early stage companies hoping to achieve their ESG goals by sharing our expertise and facilitating collaboration.