In conversation with Noor van Boven and Anna Brandt

Today, we're thrilled to welcome Noor van Boven and Anna Brandt to our Venture Partner network. Both seasoned experts in the talent and people management space, they offer invaluable insights into scaling technology companies and will provide our portfolio companies with the strategic guidance necessary for growth.

Having held strategic positions at industry giants like Uber and N26, Anna is renowned for her experience in the leadership and executive hiring arenas. Her understanding and experience building top-tier leadership teams and facilitating smooth executive transitions make her a trusted advisor.

Noor has extensive leadership experience with previous roles including Chief People Officer at N26 and VP People at SoundCloud. She is highly respected for her expertise in optimising organisational effectiveness and operating model efficiency.

What excites you about working with the FISV portfolio?

Noor: I’m thrilled about the prospect of building long-term relationships with the FISV portfolio companies. Offering tailored advice and support to help them navigate challenges and seize opportunities is incredibly rewarding. It’s all about fostering partnerships that drive sustainable growth and success.

Anna: I'm thrilled to collaborate with the FISV portfolio because of the variety of companies and their potential. Each one offers unique challenges and opportunities, which keeps things interesting and rewarding.

If you could give one piece of people and talent advice to a scaling founder what would it be?

Noor: Ensure your organisation is built on clear output and accountability. While fostering a sense of shared responsibility among top leaders is valuable, defining ownership for each person is crucial. This clarity ensures that as your company grows, accountability remains firmly rooted, sustaining the organization’s effectiveness.

Anna: Focus on building a strong team early on. Find people who complement your skills and share your vision. They'll be crucial in navigating growth and achieving success.

You’re both also angel investors, what do you look for when investing and in the founders you invest into?

Noor: I seek founders who are curious to learn and innovate when investing. They should be willing to take a stand while remaining sensitive to the dynamics shaping their journey. It’s about striking the right balance between confidence and vulnerability, driving the company forward with resilience and adaptability.

Anna: We're looking for innovation in the people space, solving complex problems that excite us. Founders should be driven and passionate problem solvers who demonstrate curiosity and understanding of the customer landscape.

What’s one untapped area in the fintech/HR tech space?

Noor: The employer’s role is evolving, especially as governments and institutions face increasing pressure. We’re witnessing a shift akin to practices already standard in the US, where employers take a more personal interest in supporting employees through life events that can cause anxiety and hinder performance. This includes addressing financial well-being and mental health, offering family planning support benefits, and ensuring employees can focus on delivering their best work.

Anna: Large-scale skill mapping is an area with great potential. Leveraging technology to understand and map skills across entire workforces could revolutionise talent management and development strategies.

For more information, please read Noor and Anna's bios.