Founders in Focus

As patient investors, we like to take time to get to know our founders on a personal level - what keeps them up at night and what gets them out of bed in the morning, who were they before they were CEOs and how do they decompress from the pressures of building their companies? In our Founders in Focus series we ask the really tough questions, discover hidden talents and compile the ultimate fantasy dinner party guest list.

Smart Pension

Find out from Andrew and Will, co-Founders of Smart Pension, who are their famous doppelgangers and what is the most radical thing they have ever done to attract an investor...

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Ben and Charlie, founders of Moneybox, talk about investor alignment, cocktail flaring in Marbella and why a winning culture is their key to success...

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We fire 22 questions at Stephen Beavis, Founder and CAO of Stacked, and hear how he and his co-founder came up with the concept of investing in managed portfolios of crypto assets...

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Meet Ben and Will, co-founders of Tumelo. Find out who their entrepreneur idols are and what really makes them tick...

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Hear why Anand, Founder and CEO of PrimaryBid, chose to partner with FISV and why money is still the most important thing an investor has ever given him to support his business...

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