Founded: 2018 | Invested: 2022

Fund managers have traditionally voted on investors’ behalf at shareholder meetings; Tumelo’s API-powered voting technology aims to give investors more of a voice on these voting decisions to create true shareholder democracy. Through their pass-through voting technology, Tumelo gives the voting power back to the investor, allowing them to have greater control and choice over stewardship decisions, even when invested in pooled funds. Similarly, its expression of wish technology allows investors to express their vote preferences, which are then taken into consideration by the fund manager when making voting decisions. Tumelo’s technology is currently used by Legal & General, Fidelity International, Cushon, and CIRCA5000.

Georgia, Will and Ben


"Tumelo has transformed from a student campaign into a daring FinTech with a blossoming team. The incredible calibre of institutional and private investors who have committed to our vision and backed our growth is a testament to the strength of our mission, product, culture and execution to date. I am excited to work closely with them all to lift our product, team and achievements to the next level and bring shareholder democracy to the global financial system." Georgia Stewart
Founder & CEO

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