Founded: 2012 | Invested: 2022

Carta is an ownership and equity management platform specialising in cap table management and valuation software. Founded in 2012 by Henry Ward and Manu Kumar, the company digitizes paper stock certificates along with stock options, warrants, and derivatives to help companies, investors and employees manage their equity, while creating a real-time picture of company ownership. Carta believe that everyone should have the opportunity to own a portion of what they build and have built the infrastructure to make it as cheap and easy to issue equity as it is to run payroll. By providing the infrastructure that fuels innovation, they hope to lower the barriers to entry and move the world forward into an era of ownership.
FISV ownership via sale of Capdesk.

Henry Ward

Founder & CEO

"International expansion has been a big focus for Carta this year. If all equity internationally is captured on the same platform, then we can connect investors in Singapore to companies in the U.K. and employees in the U.S." Henry Ward
Founder & CEO