Founded: 2020 | Invested: 2023

ZILO™’s mission is to revolutionise global transfer agency software reducing cost, complexity and creating sustainable value for Global Asset and Wealth Management firms and the customers they serve. To achieve this, we started with a clean slate, a design-driven approach, and a commitment to put people first. ZILO™'s software enables firms to replace legacy software and end-of-life systems, many of which were developed 20+ years ago and leapfrog to a real time, digital user experience.

Phillip Goffin

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

"We are focusing on empowering financial service institutions to remove outdated legacy technologies and dramatically improve the cost efficiencies of their operations by using ZILO™ to transform to a modern digital solution supporting existing fund structures, new digital assets and improving client experiences." Phillip Goffin
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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